December 17, 2015

A furious listener is angry at her sister-in-law for always trying to make her look bad in front of

Listen to Dr. Steve explain why the problem lies with within herself


December 10, 2015

This listener is tired of her family telling her to take care of her health and herself

Dr. Steve explains why this listener is acting selfishly and irresponsibly


December 3, 2015

How should this mom handle the ex-husband's extravagant spending for their children?

Listen to Dr. Steve explain how to balance gifts and the more important life experiences

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Every Thursday morning, Dr. Craig joins Blaine and Allyson in studio on 96.3 FM WDVD as host of the Therapy Thursday show. In this segment, Dr. Craig’s engaging, down-to-earth style comes through as he offers thought-provoking, insightful commentary on relationships, families, parenting, and other provocative topics. Listen in on the radio or online to see if your solution matches that of Dr. Craig. Or better yet, contact Dr. Craig or the radio station and provide an “issue” of your own for the gang to debate.

Podcasts of Dr. Craig can be found on this website or on the 96.3 FM WDVD website. If you would like to submit your own e-mail for consideration on the program use the following link.

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About Dr. Steven Craig

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