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December 3, 2015

How should this mom handle the ex-husband's extravagant spending for their children?

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Anxiety Disorders

We understand that worry, fear, and panic can be so paralyzing that it can take control of your life. Sometimes anxiety is so powerful that it keeps highly functional people from completing simple tasks. That can be both frustrating and overwhelming (especially when others don’t understand). Nevertheless, over the years, we’ve had tremendous success helping people overcome even the most debilitating symptoms of anxiety. In fact, we find that many of our patients go on to live symptom-free lives – without medication – after working with our unique approach to anxiety disorders.

Key to our approach is reducing symptoms of panic and anxiety as soon as is humanly possible. Whereas some therapeutic approaches take years getting to the root cause of a client’s anxiety without ever reducing their symptoms, our approach usually provides clients with almost immediate relief.

More than just teaching people how to calm themselves down or talk themselves out of their anxiety, we help them understand what is really going on and how to fix it. Once our clients grasp why their symptoms are occurring, they quickly learn how to manage or extinguish them on their own.

Many of our clients find that, while certain levels of anxiety are important and necessary in life, they no longer dread these feelings and never again experience them as overwhelming and uncontrollable. The key to this comes not from learning how to avoid these feelings (through medication or other means), but through a recognition of the role these feelings play in our lives and an understanding of how to embrace them and use them proactively.

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