December 17, 2015

A furious listener is angry at her sister-in-law for always trying to make her look bad in front of

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December 10, 2015

This listener is tired of her family telling her to take care of her health and herself

Dr. Steve explains why this listener is acting selfishly and irresponsibly


December 3, 2015

How should this mom handle the ex-husband's extravagant spending for their children?

Listen to Dr. Steve explain how to balance gifts and the more important life experiences

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Couples Counseling

We believe that most relationship problems, at their core, are far more the result of a couple’s failure to grow and change together, than they are the result of one or the other partner’s inherent failings.

The truth of the matter is that most couples really want their relationship to work out and will go to great lengths to achieve that end. We believe that tapping into this positive energy is far more productive than rehashing old arguments or pointing fingers. In our experience, when a therapist helps couples identify the areas that they each need to change – and teaches them how to make those changes––most relationships improve in a relatively short period of time.

The key to improving relationships lies not in identifying faults, but in finding solutions. Long-lasting bonds are created by more than just love and good communication skills; they’re made by people who understand themselves, each other, and the many different skills required to make their relationships healthy and enjoyable.

We believe in repairing relationships permanently. Our goal is to do more than just solve problems. We teach our clients how to anticipate potential difficulties in their relationships and proactively address them before they grow into untenable situations. Couples in our offices don’t come away with quick-fix, feel-good solutions that sound good, but produce little meaningful change. They come away with tools that help them change and adapt to everything life throws at them.

Our approach is also intentionally flexible. We structure our treatment to fit the needs of our clients and encourage our clients to collaborate with us on the length of treatment and the goals. We also find that many clients need evening hours, or need a mix of individual and couples counseling. The type of treatment couples need varies as well. Some couples need strong interventions that address highly conflictual situations, while others need insight-oriented solutions that help them address frustrating issues they just can’t seem to resolve on their own. In short, we believe all couples are different. That means it is our job to find interventions that fit the problem at hand.

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