March 19, 2015

Should this listener put pressure on her boyfriend to move their relationship along?

After praising Blaine and Allyson's growth, Dr. Steve explains 3 big points


March 12, 2015

Should this listener stay in her unhappy marriage for the sake of keeping her vows?

Dr. Steve explains what is really going on in this marriage and what this listener needs to do


March 5, 2015

A desperate woman feels that she is too frumpy and unattractive and resists going on dating websites

Dr. Steve explains in 3 points how to address this issue

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Dr. Steven Craig

Dr. Steven Craig

As a therapist, corporate coach, and author, Dr. Steven Craig extends his expertise in clinical psychology and business consulting across a broad range of areas. His rare mix of talents have made him a highly sought-after clinical psychologist and corporate coach and he has appeared in the media numerous times...

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Dr. Ronna Smith-Craig

Dr. Ronna Smith-Craig

Dr. Ronna Smith-Craig perfectly embodies the central philosophy of Craig Counseling Services. She believes therapy should be a positive experience which creates meaningful behavioral change and tangible symptom relief. Clients cite her warm, caring, straightforward manner, solution-focused approach and helpful insights as the qualities that set her apart from others.

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Megan Plumstead

Megan Plumstead, PsyD, LLP

Dr. Plumstead believes that everyone has within them the ability to understand and solve every problem they face. With this in mind, she works collaboratively with her patients to help them identify sources of distress, define goals, and develop a plan that works. Whether it’s breaking lifelong dysfunctional patterns, re-examining relationships, coming to terms with a loss, making a life-change, processing a trauma, or managing a life that seems out of control, Dr. Plumstead helps people get un-stuck.

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