December 17, 2015

A furious listener is angry at her sister-in-law for always trying to make her look bad in front of

Listen to Dr. Steve explain why the problem lies with within herself


December 10, 2015

This listener is tired of her family telling her to take care of her health and herself

Dr. Steve explains why this listener is acting selfishly and irresponsibly


December 3, 2015

How should this mom handle the ex-husband's extravagant spending for their children?

Listen to Dr. Steve explain how to balance gifts and the more important life experiences

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Megan Plumstead, PsyD, LLP

Dr. Plumstead believes that everyone has within them the ability to understand and solve every problem they face. With this in mind, she works collaboratively with her patients to help them identify sources of distress, define goals, and develop a plan that works. Whether it’s breaking lifelong dysfunctional patterns, re-examining relationships, coming to terms with a loss, making a life-change, processing a trauma, or managing a life that seems out of control, Dr. Plumstead helps people get un-stuck. For her, success is more than just symptom relief; her goal is for her clients to also experience greater satisfaction in their life and relationships.

As a therapist, Dr. Plumstead helps clients expand their vision about what they can accomplish in life and provides them tools that encourage them to take action. An important aspect of Dr. Plumstead’s style is the energy and enthusiasm she brings to her job and often transfers to her clients. It is not unusual for her clients to experience improved energy, focus, clarity, and peace in addition to meeting their goals.

Dr. Plumstead has worked with individuals, couples, parents, and kids to help increase awareness, take action, and create change. She works with kids ages 5 and up and their parents to help manage anger, ADHD, and school and behavior problems. In her work with kids, Dr. Plumstead understands problems within the context of the family and engages parents and other family members in the treatment as much as possible. Through individual and group parent education and coaching, Dr. Plumstead empowers parents with a developmental perspective and age-appropriate techniques that decrease power struggles and increase family connection.

In her work with adults, Dr. Plumstead provides solution-focused, straightforward interventions that are designed to help her clients produce changes that last. It is her goal to get her clients to be fully prepared to handle whatever gets in their way and begin living a happy, healthy life as soon as possible.

Dr. Plumstead is a Limited License Psychologist who practices under the supervision of licensed psychologists Dr. Steven Craig and Dr. Ronna Smith-Craig. She received her Masters and Doctorate at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, MN and has practiced at several community mental health centers and within the VA system.